Report on screening programmes

The screening programmes have long traditions in Finland. Since 2003 the working group on screenings set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has evaluated the screening programmes being carried out, those proposed to be carried out and their methods. This report includes information and experiences of planning, steering and monitoring screening programmes in Finland.

Adolescents use less alcohol and drugs

Around one in four Finnish 15–16 year-olds abstain from alcohol and drugs, and binge drinking is on the decrease. Even daily smoking and experimenting with tobacco have fallen steadily in the 2000s. Adolescents perceived, however, the risks of alcohol and drug use as small, and the use of moist snuff and e-cigarettes is on the increase.

Bring up domestic violence

There are many kinds of violence in families and intimate relationships. It is often difficult to identify. Knowing about domestic violence helps professionals to identify violence and intervene.


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