Description of MORGAM Cohorts

Sangita Kulathinal1,2,5, Matti Niemelš1,5, Teemu Niiranen1,6, Olli Saarela1,3, Tarja Palosaari1,6, Heli Tapanainen1,6, Kari Kuulasmaa1 and contributors from Participating Centres4 for the MORGAM Project

1 National Institute for Health and Welfare (formerly National Public Health Institute), Helsinki, Finland
2 Since 2007 at Indic Society for Education and Development (INSEED), Nashik, India
3 Since 2014 at Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Toronto; Canada
4 See Full descriptions of cohorts
5 With decreased responsibility on this document
6 Contributed to updates since 2011

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The purpose of this document is to give the exact definitions of the MORGAM cohorts and to describe their basic characteristics and data collection procedures, such as the follow-up procedures, the disease end-points recorded and diagnostic procedures. The definition and selection criteria for MORGAM cohort are described in section Definition and selection of cohorts of the MORGAM Manual. For convention, each cohort is assigned appropriate name and code number which is given in Table 1. The baseline characteristics of the MORGAM Cohorts are summarized in Table 2. An overall summary of MORGAM Cohorts along with the objectives of the Project has been published elsewhere [1].

More cohorts will be added to this document as their descriptions become completed.


The research was supported by the European Union Biomed 2 project MORGAM (BMH4-CT98-3183), FP 5 project GenomEUtwin (QLG2-CT-2002-01254), FP 7 projects ENGAGE (HEALTH-F4-2007-201413), CHANCES (HEALTH-F3-2010-242244) and BiomarCaRE (278913), as well as by the Academy of Finland via its grant number 53646 and the Medical Research Council of the UK via its grant number 80983. The MORGAM Participating Centres are funded by regional and national governments, research councils, charities, and other local sources.


  1. Evans A, Salomaa V, Kulathinal S, Asplund K, Cambien F, Ferrario M, Perola M, Peltonen L, Shields D, Tunstall-Pedoe H, Kuulasmaa K, for the MORGAM Project. Cohort profile: MORGAM (an international pooling of cardiovascular cohorts). Int J Epidemiol. 2005;34:21-27

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