Development during adolescence is important to well-being in later life

Tampereen kaupunki/Satu Aalto 2011A 26-year follow-up study initiated among Tampere youth (2200 persons) in 1983 is now revealing that the effect that parents have on the well-being of young people extends also into their later life, for good or ill.

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New nutrition recommendations take a comprehensive view of diet

New nutritional recommendations published by the National Nutrition Council of Finland emphasize the role of diet – both in terms of its quality and quantity – in protecting health.  Information on the food pyramid and food plate have also been updated in this latest round of recommendations.

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28–30 August, 2014, Helsinki, Finland

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International co-operation plays a key role in the daily work of  THL. THL's experts and researchers operate within the strategic frameworks of international acitivites set by the management group.

The International Affairs Unit is a non-profit, expert organisation specialised in health and social sector development.

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