Valuable population-survey data will be transferred to THL Biobank

The one-year-old Biobank Act opens up the possibility of using the data that THL has collected over the years in various population surveys more extensively for purposes of public health research, writes Sirpa Soini in THL's blog.

UN Post-2015 Development Goals: Towards Sustainable Development

Relating to the Post-2015 Development Agenda Finland has been working to define the national goals. These should meet the challenges of this era, such as poverty eradication, sustainable development and climate change, as well as include a finance strategy. Working against discrimination and promoting the rights of all minorities are key priorities on the Finnish agenda.


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Environmental Health

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) provides policy-makers and municipalities with information on key environmental health risks and on assessments of prevention alternatives. Environmental health research aims to ensure that everyone in Finland can eat, drink and breath, move about, and use consumer products without risking their health.

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SOTKAnet SOTKAnet Statistics and Indicator Bank contains comprehensive statistical information on welfare and health in Finland.


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TEAviisari TEAviisari is an online service that depicts municipalities' activity in promoting their inhabitants' health.


International affairs

International co-operation plays a key role in the daily work of  THL. THL's experts and researchers operate within the strategic frameworks of international acitivites set by the management group.

The International Affairs Unit is a non-profit, expert organisation specialised in health and social sector development.

THL International Affairs Unit

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Strategic frameworks of THL's international activities

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